Mr. Color Semi Gloss Dark Seagray 10 ml

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Gunzes Mr. Color is one of the highest quality paints on the market.

Its tone, balance, gloss and color richness are the best. The paints can be used for brushing and sprays. This line includes excellent quality plastic models kits, water soluble and paints, thinners, cement, surfacers and painting tools. Gunze-Sangyo paints are recommended for all of our plastic model kits.

As for the number of times of coating,
  • 1 2 coats are recommended when brush painting
  • When using an air brush, 2 3 coats after diluting to a ratio of 1 (MR COLOR) : 12 (Mr. thinner).
  • Mix in 5 10% of Flat Base to make glossy colors semi glossy,
  • or 10 20% for a matte finish

Used with permission, copyright 2021 Gunze Sangyo. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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