Thumlers MP-1 Rock Tumbler

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Skill Level:Beginner

Heres what you get in this MP-1 rock tumbler kit...

  • a Thumlers MP-1 tumbler machine
  • a soft rubber barrel for quiet operation (see video below)
  • enough rough rock to run the tumbler
  • enough grit and polish to process a batch of stones
  • a booklet: "Guide for Rock Polishers"
  • a jewelry kit to make gifts from your tumbled stones

Here is the perfect rock tumbler for the beginner. The MP-1 is a new Thumlers Tumbler introduced in 2010. It allows beginners to learn about tumbling with a quality machine that has a low entry price and low operating cost. The soft rubber barrel enables this tumbler to run with a lot less noise than the tumblers made with a hard plastic barrel.

The MP-1 tumbler kit has everything that you need to get started. It includes a tumbler machine, one soft rubber barrel, a package of rough rocks ready for tumbling, a four-step grit kit, a jewelry kit, and a book to guide you - "A Guide for Rock Polishers". 

The kit will enable you to tumble one batch of rocks from rough stones to finished gems. 

The MP-1 tumbler is a durable machine that you can use to tumble many batches of rough rocks into finished gems. To tumble additional batches of rocks you will need about one pound of tumbling rock and about two level tablespoons of grit or polish for each of the four tumbling steps). 

This video compares the sound level of the Thumlers MP-1 that comes with a rubber barrel to one of the inexpensive toy tumblers with a plastic barrel and inexpensive motor:


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