SunArt Paper Kit 8X10

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All you need is sunshine, water and your creativity to make unique and beautiful sun art prints!

Place natural objects like flowers, leaves, shells or even man-made objects on the sun-sensitive paper. Set outside on a sunny or overcast day or even indoors in a sunny window. Sit back and watch as the sun turns the paper a beautiful blue!

Cyanotypes are photographs sometimes known as blueprints, sunprints or sunlight prints. A photogram is a photographic image made without the use of a camera by placing objects on light-sensitized paper.

Sun prints are also called shadow prints or âRayographsâ? after the artist Man Ray. Cyanotype paper is a light-sensitive coated paper.

  • Includes 12 8?x10? sheets of paper and a clear acrylic sheet to hold your art in place.
  • Perfect for school art project, science fair or for home schooled creative fun!
  • Available in three sizes.
  • Made In USA!
  • For ages 6+.

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