E26-4W White Lightning Complete 2-Motor Launch Pack

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White Lightning looks and sounds like actual rockets and launch vehicles!


This single-use motor is intended to be used in single-stage rockets powered by a single motor.  White Lightning propellant formulation creates a brilliant white flame, dense bright white exhaust, and a throaty roar. Easy to track and exciting to watch!



  • Motor Diameter: 0.938 inches (24mm)
  • Casing Length: 2.75 inches (70mm)
  • Total Impulse: 27.9 N-sec
  • Average Thrust: 23.3 newtons
  • Peak Thrust: 27.9 N-sec
  • Thrust Duration: 1.2 seconds
  • Delay Time: 4 seconds
  • Propellant Weight: 18.3 grams
  • Motor Weight: 44 grams
  • Maximum Liftoff Weight: 454 grams


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