AXE 540L R2-FOC Waterproof Sensored Brushless Combo w/2800Kv Motor

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Hobbywing AXE 540L R2-FOC Waterproof Sensored Brushless Combo. Package includes 2800Kv 540L motor. 


Words First FOC brushless system for Rock Crawler.  Field-Oriented Control for Super Linearity & High Torque & Extreme Silence.

The chip-type magnetic encoder inside the motor guarantees consistency between three phases signals and always outputs the pure and precise signals indicating the rotor position.

The waterproof and dust-proof design (IP67 standards) allows the AXE brushless power system to be used in all weather & track conditions without any issue of damage caused to the system from water or dust. Damage to the vehicle caused by water, mud, or conditions should be monitored closely when running in muddy, wet, or adverse conditions.

Intelligent torque output & speed closed-loop control for easy control, and consistent motor RPM under all loads.

The adjustable drag brake & drag brake rate control with the maximum drag brake of up to 200% (thats near twice the drag brake of standard brushless power systems) can provide unprecedented parking capacity on slopes, with no jerky stops.

The innovative built-in Bluetooth connectivity. allows users to read ESC data or update ESC firmware via a smartphone (installed with the HW LINK app).

The motor with 4 poles & 12 magnets, featuring Hobbywings staggered pole patent has zero cogging effect & torque ripple. It can work smoothly at low speeds. This greatly improves the manoeuvrability of rock crawlers at low speeds.

The sensor harness, which features the plug-and-screw design, has a silicone O ring inside. The design & O ring not only provide a firm connection between motor and ESC but solve the waterproof challenge for sensor ports.

The advanced and secure electronic switch features a waterproof, dust-proof, and shock-resistant design.

Multiple protections: low-voltage cutoff, thermal, fail-safe (throttle signal loss), motor lock-up, and overcurrent.

NOTE: Xerun AXE series is a closed-system. Due to its advanced technology, HOBBYWING Xerun AXE ESC works exclusively with Xerun AXE brushless motor.  

  • Cont./Peak Current: 80A/480A
  • Input Voltage: 2-3S LiPo, 6-9S NiMh
  • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V Switchable, Continuous Current of 6A (Switch-mode)
  • Input wires: Red-Black-12AWG-200mm
  • Input connector: XT60
  • Programming Port: Built-in Bluetooth
  • Firmware: iOS or Android smartphone (installed with the HW LINK app)
  • Size / Weight: 47.4(L)x36.2(W)x26.5(H)mm/ 108g (Included input wires)
XERUN AXE 540L Motor:
  • Type: 1/10-1/8th FOC brushless motor (Patented)
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Motor Diameter: 36.0mm (1.42in)
  • Length: 57.8mm (2.28in)
  • Shaft Diameter: 3.175mm (0.125in)
  • Pole: 4
  • Kv: 2800Kv 
  • Input Voltage: 2-3S
  • No Load Current: 3.6A
  • Weight: 213g 

Used with permission, copyright 2020 HOBBYWING North America. Copyright 2020 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works

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