HobbyWing Seaking 130A-HV V3 ESC

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Worlds BEST ESC for R/C Boat. - High Voltage, Waterproof, High Efficiency water cooling system

  • Excellent waterproof design (rates as IP 67) allows this ESC to work in water without any extra precautions
  • High quality components have very strong over-current withstanding capabilities
  • Patented Copper Heat Conduction technology and high-efficiency water cooling system can easily dissipate the heat produced in operation under high load
  • The special firmware designed for RC boats can make the acceleration punchier and the sailing more stable
  • The external Programming Port can connect to the LED Program card for easily setting the parameters of the ESC
  • Multiple protections like low-voltage cutoff protection, thermal protection and throttle signal loss protection, make the ESC more reliable
  • The anti-spark circuit attached on the input wires eliminates the eletrospark created when connecting the ESC to battery
  • Dual water-cooling tubes make the heat distribution on the heat-sink more proportional..
  • Cont./Peak Current    130A/720A
  • Boat Applicable    Boat length > 150cm
  • Input    5-125 LiPo
  • BEC Type/BEC Output    No Built-in BEC
  • External Programming port    Available
  • Water Cooling Pipe    (Inside / Outside) 2.7 / 5.0mm
  • Input Wire    Red-10AWG-150mm1 / Black-10AWG-150mm1
  • Output    Blue-12AWG-100mm3
  • Size/Weight    88X58X23mm  (Include the Water Cooling Pipe)

Used with permission, copyright 2019 HobbyWing 2019 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works

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