Gundam Advanced Marker Set

By:gunze sangyo - mr. color

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Gundam Markers - Advanced Set

This is a new marker set for the latest Gunpla and Gundam models. Gunze has investigated and pursued the latest and most accurate colors of the Gundam range. Also, each marker can be used for various other Gunpla and Gundam, because there are several basic colors included, such as white, blue, and red.

Set Includes:

  • GM166 GUNDAM NEW WHITE - Advanced white marker. It has a brighter color and higher foundation screening effect compared with the previous white markers.
  • GM167 GUNDAM RED GOLD - An advanced gold marker. Its color is deeper and more impressive than the previous gold marker.
  • GM168 GUNDAM LIGHT BLUE - A light blue marker usable for Gundams chest, Goufs body, various other models, etc.
  • GM169 GUNDAM PURPLE - Bright purple marker. Can be used with anything, designed for HiV Gundam.
  • GM170 TITANS BLUE - A nice dark blue marker suitable for anything, including Titans mobile suits.
  • GM171 CHAR PINK 2 - The latest pink color for Chars mobile suits. 

Used with permission, copyright 2017 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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