RealFlight 7 with InterLink Elite Mode 1

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This is the Great Planes RealFlight 7 R/C Flight Simulator with Interface.

Interface Box allows users to use their existing transmitter that has a trainer port. Interface box has reset/rewind button allowing users to take advantage of these features.

Options include:

  • Tip of the Day-Changes daily to offer user new and better ways to use RealFlight
  • Shortcuts for selecting new flying sites or aircraft, users current favorites, and new aircraft/flying site combos
  • Built-in video player-with updated videos on essential flying skills
  • RealPhysics 3D
  • Reset/Rewind on the InterLink Elite Controller
  • Multiplayer and Multimode
  • Water takeoffs and landings
  • Onscreen Camera Controls-cameras can be added or moved without leaving the screen-or using a menu.
  • Night Flying
  • Real Rendering
  • AccuModel aircraft editor
  • FlexField flying site editor
  • Blade stop autorotations


  • Depth of Field Effect keeps model that is being flown the focal point
  • First Person Video (FPV) pilots eye view of flight
  • Overhead Site Map-shows aircraft and runway locations
  • Blade Stop Autos
  • Water Takeoffs and Landings w/seaplanes or float equipped aircraft
  • Sky Grid-colored grid can be overlayed on the sky to ensure perfectly symmetrical patterns and pinpoint entries and exits.
  • Reset/Rewind Button allows pilots to practice maneuvers, recreate aerobatics, and more. Using Multiplayer and your Internet connection you can fly with other RealFlight pilots. Hook up with an instructor for one-on-one tutoring, engage in combat with a single opponent or a patrol.

Used with permission, copyright 2016 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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