Flight Labs Hovercross RTF (Blue)

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This is the RTF Flight Lab Toys HoverCross Drone/Hovercraft.


A fun vehicle that can be operated in two different modes: hover and drone. As a hovercraft, you can zoom and drift over nearly any surface and with two attractive color options and an easy to apply decal set its simple to create your own unique-looking vehicle to race with friends.

Plus, the body of the HoverCross is made from durable EPP foam to help withstand nearly any bumps or crashes. With just one touch of the stunt button, the HoverCross backflips into a stable, yet capable, easy-to-fly drone. In drone mode, the 6-axis gyro system provides the stability and capability to perform 360 flips, and with the use of an internal barometer the Auto Take-Off and Landing and Altitude Hold features provide the assistance needed for anyone to learn to fly.

With three options for flying rates, you can even increase the speed and agility of the aircraft as you advance your flying skills. And with just another touch of the stunt button youre back to drifting in hover mode!

The HoverCross is a Ready-To-Fly vehicle, which comes out of the box pre-assembled with everything you need to enjoy the fun of hobby-grade remote control - both as a hovercraft and a drone. For control, you receive a 2.4GHz 4-channel transmitter, plus a USB charger for fast charge times, and even a spare set of props. Just add 3 AAA batteries for the transmitter and you can have drift races in hover mode or be flying stunts in drone mode soon after opening the box.


Hover Key Features:

  • The touch of one button flips the HoverCross between hover and drone modes
  • Available in 2 attractive color options - up to 4 friends can race together
  • Outside shell is molded from durable EPP foam for incredible durability
  • Engineered winglets help drift around high speed turns
  • Included decal sheet allows the option to create your own unique design
  • Ducted fan props are fully enclosed for protection from accidental finger strikes
  • Hovers over all indoor surfaces, including carpet


Drone Key Features:

  • Built-in barometer enables an altitude hold feature that allows new pilots to easily learn how to maneuver
  • In drone mode, one touch take-off and landing helps make it easy to fly
  • Capable of 360-degree flips in any direction
  • Motors are programmed to turn off with crashes or rough landings
  • 3 choices of flight rates provide flight sensitivity options to match your flying skill level
  • 6-Axis Gyro Control for smooth level flight
  • Integrated active cooling system routes air through the battery chamber to keep components from over-heating


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