Dizzy The 6-in-1 Gyroscope

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Build, rip, play, re-build! Introducing Dizzy, the playful 6-in-1 gyroscope machine.

Build Dizzy, pull the ripcord, and watch him go. No batteries!  Learn STEM concepts and basics of gyroscopes, balance, and more. Dizzy can transform into 6 different builds: Stilts, rover, swinging robot, tower spinner, scooter, and roller coaster rider.

TEACH TECH&trade features robotic kits that explore renewable energy and coding! TEACH TECH&trade follows the Learn By Doing® philosophy found in all of Elenco’s products. With TEACH TECH&trade, kids can enjoy hours of educational fun while boosting their confidence and critical thinking skills. Products in this line appeal to anyone who enjoys using their hands to build, tinker, and bring to life their creations with movement, coding, and programming. Forward-thinking kids can explore alternative energy with kits that highlight solar, hydraulic, or wind power.

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