Contact 32mm Drag Racing Front Wide Tires w/ 12mm Hex (30 Shore)

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This is a set of two Contact Front 1/10 32mm Wide 30 Shore Drag Racing Tires with a 12mm Hex.

Made with an innovative foam compound, Contact RC tires are made with only the best materials, and rated using a fully automated durometer hardness system that provides consistent shore rating/density from tire to tire. The fully automated gluing, and truing processes mean that every single tire produced meets the high standards required by top level racers. 

  • Drag racing tires from Contact RC
  • 30 shore hardness
  • 12mm hex wheel fitting
  • 45mm width with 70mm diameter
  • Front tires

Used with permission, copyright 2021 Contact Racing Tyres. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works

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