Digital 124/132 Track Extension Kit

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Individual driving fun with the digital track extension set


Something new in store for sure! Even if you are always working on improving your lap time with the familiar and beloved slot car circuit, you will eventually feel the need for more variety. And that's exactly what this digital track extension set is for. With four standard straight sections, a left lane change, a double lane change track, track locking mechanisms and a lane change corner, new track elements can be added to the Carrera DIGITAL 124 and Carrera DIGITAL 132 race tracks. The tracks come on a scale of 1:24 and are ideally suited to the two race tracks mentioned above. The lane changes ensure rapid switching action and give you the opportunity to overtake the opponent's car imaginatively, especially during chases. Meanwhile, the straight sections extend your driving fun and help to expand the circuit. Info: This digital extension set can be used for upgrading.



  • Track extension set for your Carrera race tracks
  • DIGITAL 124, DIGITAL 132
  • For expanding your race track


Package contents:

  • 4 standard straight sections
  • 1 lane change (left)
  • 1 double lane change
  • 1 lane change corner (right, from outside to inside)


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