Evolution De Tomaso Pantera No.14 Slotcar

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Italian chic by De Tomaso

A sports car classic from the 1970s is driving for the first time at Carrera. The De Tomaso Pantera "No. 14" is red as sin and fast as lightning! The mid-engine car was the most successful model of the car manufacturer based in Modena, Italy, with Argentine roots. It is the perfect combination of Italian design and American engine technology. The De Tomaso Pantera is the most successful model of the car manufacturer and was built over 7,000 times. The 5.7 liter V8 engine brought it to a powerful 480 hp and made the speedster a real road sports car.


Sending the gas in the 70s design at Carrera


For all fans of the iconic design of the 1970s, the De Tomaso Pantera "No. 14" is a real must-have for the domestic racetrack. In sleek red, the Italian sports car attracts a lot of attention when it whizzes across the track. The EVOLUTION model is equipped with front and rear lighting and can also be converted to digital thanks to a separate digital decoder.



  • De Tomaso Pantera "No. 14"
  • Evolution
  • Front and rear lights
  • A jewel of the 1970s makes its debut on the Carrera racetrack
  • 1:32 scale


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