1:32 1974 Ford Capri RS 3100 No.3

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Like in the old days!


In April 1970, Ford began selling the Capri in North America, South Africa and Australia. The Ford Capri RS 3100 is a 415 hp racing car that was used in the DRM in the 70s and has won numerous races at the Hockenheimring and Nürburgring. With the 6-cylinder engine and a top speed of 280 km/h, the original works car from the German Racing Championship 1974-1975 is a real miracle on the domestic race track.


Hommage to a veteran of US GT racing


When dealing with a Ford Capri RS with a 3.4-liter four-valve Cosworth engine, it is now also said on the Carrera racetrack: Before the first ignition, noise protection must be in both ears! The faithful version EVOLUTION Ford Capri RS 3100 "No.3" in scale 1:32 in green-red-yellow with start number 3 can be steered at full throttle over the track on the home race track in the new Carrera season. The Carrera car is equipped with front and rear lighting and can also be controlled digitally using a separate digital decoder. Show your friends who can best control the veteran over the track!

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