Brio Smart Tech Sound Train Service Station

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There are repairs to be made and a few of the toy trains need a real scrubbing too. Luckily, the 33975 Train Service Station offers a full-service to all BRIO World trains passing through.

Interactive features

Use the Train Service Station with the 33971 Record & Play Engine (not included) to add even more action to your railway play through Smart Tech Sound features. Send the engine to the left for a clean-up in the washing station or if the engine is broken from the Break Action Tunnel, send it to the right for a fix up in the repair station. The train will automatically come to life with realistic train sounds and animations. If no work is needed at all, it can pass straight on through.

Customise the play

Connect to the Smart Tech Sound app using a mobile device and you can customise the service stations sound environment. Choose from a selection of pre-recorded sounds or record your own through the app and then hear them as you play.

Part of BRIO World

The Train Service Station is best used with the Record & Play Engine (not included) to get the full sound experience but can be used with any train or vehicle in BRIO World, connecting to a wooden track layout via both the front and back connections.

33975 Smart Tech Sound Train Service Station includes 2 pieces:

  • 1x Service Station
  • 1x Breaking Action Tunnel

  • Width (mm)     306
  • Depth (mm)     199
  • Height (mm)     118
  • Pack width (mm)     320
  • Pack height (mm)     200
  • Pack depth (mm)     130
  • Pieces     2
  • Battery needed     no
  • CE     yes
  • FSC     yes
  • GrĂ¼ner Punkt     yes

Used with permission, copyright 2021 Brio. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works

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