Brio Rail & Road Loading Set - Stone Quarry

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By:brio trains




Skill Level:Beginner

Lift and load!

This set is packed with lots of play, including two trucks and a train pulling a crane wagon that can lift loads on and off the track.

Take the rock loads off the train and load them onto the trucks for a safe road transportation to the end destination.

Includes 13 Pieces of track, 3 Rock supports, 2 Block supports, 1 Level crossing, 1 Mountain pass track, 3 Sections of Road, 2 Freight trucks, 1 Freight Train, 1 Crane wagon, 1 Wagon, 2 Rock loads, 1 Cargo load tray, 1 sign post & 2 Ramps

  • Track layout measures 50 x 59cm
  • Suitable for ages 3 Years and up
Manufactured to BRIOs high standards and from FSC Certified wood
Used with permission, copyright 2018 Brio. Copyright 2018 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works

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