TRX-4 Sport RTR R/C (Red)

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Skill Level:Intermediate

The TRX-4 Sport combines the unbeatable ground clearance and driving dynamics of Traxxas portal axles, sticky Canyon® Trail tires, and a lightweight pickup truck body for a leaner, performance-focused new TRX-4. The Sport’s unique bumpers, wheels, and body were designed for increased climbing versatility. Whether it’s a fun trail run or a hardcore technical crawl, the TRX-4 Sport’s capability and performance-built approach takes your outdoor adventure to a new level.


High-Performance Body

Designed for ultimate all-terrain performance, the TRX-4 Sport's lightwight body keeps the CG low for improved stability when climbing. Low-profile bumpers increase the approach and departure angles while red differential covers and D-rings add off-road style.


Waterproof Electronics

The TRX-4 is fully waterproof, not "splash resistant." There is a big difference, Traxxas' patented innovation gives you the freedom to tackl creeks, snow, and mud without worrying about water in your electronics.


The Power of Portals

Portal axles lift the truck at the wheels for huge center pumpkin ground clearance. In order to achieve the same clearance with straight axles, your tires would have to be over an inch taller than the tires on the TRX-4 Sport.


Rugged TRX-4 Chassis Design

The TRX-4 Sport tramples the satus quo with extreme versatility and off-road capability. Performance and technology combine in a revolutionary new chassis that looks as good as it performs.



  • Truck Specs:
    • Length:     21.93 inches (557mm)
    • Front Track:     9.78 inches (249mm)
    • Rear Track:     9.78 inches (249mm)
    • Ground Clearance:     3.14 inches (80mm)
    • Weight:     5.79lb (2.63kg)
    • Height:     9.47 inches (241mm)
    • Wheelbase:     12.28 inches (312mm)
    • Approach Angle:     58.82°
    • Departure Angle:     45.83°
    • Breakover Angle:     59°
    • Front Shock Length:     3.54 inches (90mm)
    • Rear Shock Length:     3.54 inches (90mm)
    • Front Wheels:     1.9 x 1.02 inches (49 x 26mm)
    • Rear Wheels:     1.9 x 1.02 inches (49 x 26mm)
    • Front Tires:     4.64 x 1.89 inches (118 x 48mm)
    • Rear Tires:     4.64 x 1.89 inches (118 x 48mm)
    • Hex Size:     12mm
    • Speed Control:     XL-5 HV
    • Motor (electric):     21T Reverse Rotation
    • Transmission:     Single Speed
    • Gear Pitch:     32P
    • Differential Type:     Spool (no differential)
    • Chassis Structure / Material:     Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers
    • Brake Type:     Electronic “Hill Hold”
    • Drive System:     Shaft Driven 4WD
    • Steering:     Chassis Mounted Servo
    • Servo:     2075X Metal Gear
    • Transmitter:     TQ&trade 2.4GHz 2-Channel Transmitter
    • Receiver:     6519
    • Skill Level:     1
    • Battery Tray:     158.75 L x 47 W x 23/26mm H
  • Motor Specs:
    • Type:     High-torque brushed motor
    • Size:     550
    • Weight:     390g (13.76oz)
    • Length:     3.071” (78mm) overall length, 2.25” (57mm) can length, 1.532” (38.9mm diameter)
    • Turns:     21T reverse rotation
    • Voltage:     16.8V
  • ESC Specs:
    • Input Voltage:     6–7 Cells NiMH, 2–3s LiPo
    • Case Size:     1.23” W x 2.18” D x 1.04” H
    • Weight:     2.6oz (74g)
    • Motor Limit:     21-turns (550 size)
    • On Resistance Forward:     0.004 Ohms
    • On Resistance Reverse:     0.004 Ohms
    • Peak Current - Forward:     100A
    • Peak Current - Reverse:     100A
    • Braking Current:     60A
    • Continuous Current:     18A
    • BEC Voltage:     6.0 VDC
    • BEC Current:     1A
    • Power Wire:     14 Gauge / 5”
    • Input Harness Wire:     26 Gauge / 14.5”
    • Transistor Type:     MOSFET
    • PWM Frequency:     1700Hz
    • Low Voltage Detection (LVD):     2-Stage indicators, switchable (on or off)
    • Thermal Protection:     Thermal Shutdown
    • Profile selection:     
      • Sport Mode: 100% FWD, 100% brakes, 100% REV
      • Race Mode: 100% FWD, 100% brakes, no REV
      • Training Mode: 50% FWD, 100% brakes, 50% REV
      • Trail Mode: 100% FWD, 100% Brake, 100% REV, Trail-Tuned Brake on Neutral
      • Crawl Mode: 100% FWD, 100% Instant REV, 100% Brake on Neutral
    • Single-button setup:     Yes, Traxxas EZ-Set®




  • Tough, Lightweight Pickup Truck Body
  • Trail-Tuned XL-5 HV Waterproof Electronic Speed Control
  • Portal Axles
  • Rigid Steel Frame
  • Aluminum GTS Shocks
  • Wheels and Tires
    • Rugged black 5-spoke wheels
    • Pre-mounted 1.9” Canyon Trail tires with trail-tuned foam inserts
    • Trail tuned S1 rubber compound
    • 12mm steel hex
  • TQ&trade 2.4GHz 2-channel transmitter
  • Patented O-Ring Sealed Watertight Receiver Box Keeps the Micro Receiver Dry



  • TRX-4, Ready-To-Drive® model
  • XL-5 HV waterproof electronic speed control
  • Titan&trade 21T reverse rotation motor
  • TQ&trade 2.4GHz radio system
  • High quality maintenance tools



  • Batteries
    • TRX-4 accepts a wide variety of NiMH (4–7 cell) and LiPo (2s–3s) batteries.
  • Charger
    • Traxxas EZ-Peak Live charger is recommended for easy and fast charging performance (model #2971).
  • AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Four AA alkaline batteries for the transmitter.


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