Hot Racing Power Up Slipper Eliminator for ARRMA 3S/4S Jato (Red)

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Hot Racing Power Up slipper eliminator for the Arrma 4WD 3S 4S This part replaces the center Sliper for ultimate acceleration. It is used in conjunction with TRA Jato spur gears, TRA or Hot Racing brands.



  • Red anodized aluminum slipper eliminator
  • CNC machined solid 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Designed and machined to reduce rotating mass and increase acceleration
  • Allows for ultimate speed run acceleration



  • One (1) aluminum spool
  • Three (3) Cap head cap screws



  • TRA Revo spur gear, either TRA or Hot Racing brands. Hot Racing spurs include: SJT253 (53T), SJT254 (54T), SJT255 (55T), SJT256 (56T), SJT257 (57T)
  • Medium thread lock (blue threadlocking compound) on screws


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