Traxxas 1/18 TRX-4M Land Rover Defender RTR R/C (Orange)


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Big Fun and Adventure in a Smaller TRX-4


Introducing TRX-4M, a new way to experience all the fun, adventure, and scale realism of the TRX-4 in a 1/18 platform. TRX-4M bridges the gap between the small crawler scene and 1/10 scale quality and performance. Oil-filled shocks, steel frame rails, and a smooth running drivetrain give it true outdoor capability over rocks and through grass and streams. The tight turning radius and precise throttle control give it fantastic indoor maneuverability.


The Right Size for Fun

TRX-4M is the perfect size to fit in a backpack for fun on the go. It’s small, powerful, and maneuverable so just about any space becomes an instant trail or crawling course. Whether it’s a mountain of books indoors or a rock garden in the backyard, TRX-4M is always ready for big fun and adventure.


All-Terrain Versatility

TRX-4M is equipped to take on tough off-road terrain with grippy soft-compound tires, precision-engineered 4-link suspension geometry, and smooth oil-filled shocks. High center ground clearance, big approach angles, and low CG give the TRX-4M impressive capability everywhere it goes.


45° Steering Angle

A full 45° steering angle gives TRX-4M an exceptionally tight turning radius and extreme maneuverability in small spaces where every inch counts. A heavy-duty 2065T steering servo delivers powerful steering authority, even on thick carpet.


Waterproof Electronics

TRX-4M is the truck that goes where you want to go, without boundaries or restrictions. Only Traxxas’ fully-waterproof innovation gives you the freedom to drive through wet grass, puddles, and streams that force others to turn around.


Heavy-Duty Steel Ladder Frame

TRX-4m performs like a full-size crawler because it's built like one. A rigid steel ladder frame virtually eliminates flex to put more power th the ground. The steel frame rails are taller through the middle section for increased strength where it's needed most.


Trail-Ready Chassis and Driveline

TRX-4m rides on a sophisticated four-link with heavy-duty linkages. Spool-equipped solid axles supply non-stop climbing power to all four wheels with excellent articulation to climb over the toughest obstacles. Heavy-duty telescoping center driveshafts sent the motor's torque to the axles with a smooth-running CV design.



  • Clipless ABS Body
  • ECM-2.5&trade Electronic Control Module
  • TQ&trade 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Ladder Frame
  • Low-CG Battery Tray
  • Oil-Filled GTM&trade Shocks
  • Wheels and Tires
    • Highly-detailed 1" Replica wheels
      • 7mm hex
    • Pre-mounted tires
      • BF-Goodrich® Mud Terrain T/A® KM3 (Bronco)
      • Trail-tuned rubber compound
  • Battery and Charger Included
    • High-capacity 2-cell LiPo battery
      • 7.4 volts
      • 750mAh for over an hour of run time
    • 2-amp USB-powered fast charger
    • iD® technology for faster, safer charging
  • Low-Maintenance Self-Lubricating Bushings
  • Durable Hex hardware



  • Vehicle specs:
    • Length:     10.3 inches (262mm) (Bronco)
    • Front Track:     4.9 inches (124mm)
    • Rear Track:     4.9 inches (124mm)
    • Ground Clearance:     1.12 inches (29mm)
    • Weight (w/o battery):     1.03lbs (468g) (Bronco)
    • Height:     4.6 inches (117mm) (Bronco)
    • Wheelbase:     6.10 inches (155mm)
    • Approach Angle:     54° (Bronco)
    • Breakover Angle:     45° (Bronco)
    • Departure Angle:     48° (Bronco)
    • Shock Length (front and rear):     2.0 inches (51mm)
    • Hex Size:     7mm
    • Wheels (front and rear):     1.0 x 0.49 inches (25.4 x 12.5mm)
    • Tires (front and rear):     2.2 x 1.0 inches (57 x 25.4mm)
    • Electronic Control Module:     ECM-2.5&trade
    • (Combo ESC, Receiver, Lighting Control)
    • Motor (electric):     Titan® 180 87T
    • Differential Type:     Fully Locked 2:1 Axle Ratio
    • Chassis Structure/Material:     Steel Ladder Frame with Nylon Composite Crossmembers
    • Brake Type:     Electronic “Hill Hold”
    • Drive System:     Shaft-Driven 4WD
    • Steering:     Axle-Mounted Servo
    • Radio System:     TQ&trade 2.4GHz 2-Channel Transmitter
    • Servo:     #2065T Heavy-Duty Waterproof
    • Skill Level:     1
    • Battery Tray:     50.5mm L X 31mm W
    • Requires accessory Pro Scale LED Light Kit, sold separately
  • Motor specs:
    • Type:     High-torque brushed motor
    • Size:     180
    • Weight:     33g (1.16oz)
    • Dimensions:     1.66” (42mm) overall length, 1.34” (34mm) can length, 0.81” (21mm diameter)
    • Turns:     87T reverse rotation
    • Voltage:     8.4V
  • ECM specs:
    • Input Voltage:     2s LiPo
    • Case Size:     1.26in W x 1.79in D x 0.60in H
    • Weight:     0.92oz (26g)
    • BEC Voltage:     6.0 VDC
    • BEC Current:     1A
    • Low Voltage Detection (LVD):     2-Stage
    • Transistor Type:     MOSFET
    • Motor Overload Protection:     2-Stage
    • Profile Selection:     
      • Sport Mode:  100% FWD, 100% Brakes, 100% REV
      • Trail Mode:  100% FWD, 100% Brakes, 100% REV, Trail-Tuned Brake on Neutral
      • Crawl Mode:  100% FWD, 100% Instant REV, 100% Brake on Neutral



  • TRX-4M® Ready-To-Race® model
  • Licensed ABS hard body
  • Titan® 180 87-turn motor
  • ECM-2.5&trade Electronic Control Module
  • TQ transmitter
  • 7.4 volt 750mAh 2-cell LiPo battery
  • 2-amp USB fast charger with iD®
  • High quality maintenance tools



  • AA Alkaline Batteries


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