National Park Puzzles - Badlands National Park The Pinnacles (1000 pc)

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The Pinnacles overlook is a great spot to watch a sunset. Hiking the area is relatively easy, and you should have plenty of time to wind down your day before exiting the park by enjoying a beautiful sunset.


This view displays the expanse of the Sage Creek Wilderness . On clear days, the Black Hills can be seen on the horizon. You may even see a Bison in the distance, in the valley below or the upper prairie to the northwest. This overlook is also known for the occasional Bighorn sheep to gather. This is also a lambing area for Bighorn sheep in late April to early May, so it’s not unusual to see lambs traversing the rocky slopes of the Badlands here.


All of National Park Puzzles' 1000 Piece puzzles measure 27.6 x 19.7 inches when completed. They are cut with an irregular piece shape to aid and strenthen your assembly quest, as well as produce an interlock so tight you can pick it up and flip it over (gently) without losing a piece. They are manufactured using 100% Recycled Grade A chipboard, 1/16 inch thick resulting in sturdy, durable pieces that wont bend or break easily, and mated to a premium Matte finished print. They are then cut using 2 different presses, each going a different direction. This ensures your pieces are always fully cut, not stuck together so you have to tear them apart, damaging your pieces. The end result is a puzzle worthy of being framed and hung in your living room!

These puzzles are geared towards adults, and are not meant to be easy! These puzzles are for hobbyists that want a real challenge that will take even the most seasoned puzzler months to assemble! NPP's Professional Photographers receive a portion of every sale of puzzles made from their photos.


The packaging:

NPP products do not contain copious amounts of dust from manufacturing like other puzzles do, NPP's process rarely leaves behind a single speck. Each box comes with a reference poster to aid in assembly, and the pieces are sealed in a plastic bag. All puzzles are guaranteed to have the highest quality of soy based color ink that wont smudge, ensuring your finished product is a true to life recreation of the original photo, worthy of framing, and hanging in your living room to show off to your friends.


  • Skill Level:     Moderate
  • Dimensions     27.6 x 19.7 in


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