Alumilite Pump Dispenser (1 ounce for Gallon Bottles)

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When resins are used often, hand pump dispensers can assist with easier dispensing and less mess. These dispensers fit our half gallon and 1 gallon bottles. One complete press of the pump yields approximately 1 fluid ounce of product.


Please note that thinner resins such as urethanes pump much easier, while more viscous resins such as epoxy take more effort to dispense. In addition, while these pumps make for easier dispensing, they may not be accurate enough for some resins. Measuring pump volume dispensed should be checked to ensure proper mix ratio and should be done on a regular basis.

When used with half gallon bottles, draw tube must be cut shorter to fit completely into the bottle.  Cut on an angle 1/4 inch from bottom of bottle.

Pumps used with urethane resins may need to be replaced more frequently due to moisture sensitivity & interaction with the pump.

Contains: 1 pump

Each pump sold separately. Pump style may vary from picture shown.


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