Eclipse 1M Sailboat RTR

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The Eclipse 1M is the ideal way to experience the pleasure of sailing on a gentle Summer's breeze, or the excitement of racing your own America's Cup racing yacht. 


The large one meter (39") hull is precision blow-molded from high-strength ABS and features durable, reinforced rip-stop nylon sails that arrive pre-printed with bright, attractive graphics. Easy to assemble, the Eclipse 1M arrives with most of the difficult and time consuming rigging already completed, making final assembly quick and convenient. A sealed, water-resistant deck hatch protects internal electronic components such as the "drum-style" sail winch servo which delivers additional power and smoother, more scale-like functionality than regular servos.


Perhaps the most impressive feature of this sailboat is the size - measuring over 7 feet (213cm) tall from the bottom of the ballast bulb to the tip of the mast. The Eclipse 1M is an RTR (Ready-To-Run) boat, and arrives with everything required to start sailing except for the AA batteries. 


In addition to the pre-trimmed and decorated hull, inside you'll find a 2.4GHz radio system, rip-stop nylon sails and all the rigging parts necessary to easily build the mast. It also includes a lightweight boat stand for display and maintenance. Best of all, the Eclipse is quickly and easily dismantled for storage and transportation.



  • Hull Length: 39 inches (1 meter)
  • Beam (Width): 8.66 inches (220mm)
  • Height from bottom of hull: 70.5 inches (1790mm)
  • Height from bottom of ballast: 83.875 inches (2130mm)
  • Weight: 6.93 lbs (3.15kg)
  • Hull Material: ABS Plastic
  • Ballast Weight: 3.75 lbs (1.7kg)

Required for Completion: 8 AA Batteries


Sail Area:

  • Jib - 387.5 sq in (2500 sq cm)
  • Main - 550.25 sq in (3550 sq cm)
  • Total - 937.75 sq in (6050 sq cm)


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