1/72 HG Kyoukai Senki #01 - MAILeS Kenbu Model Kit

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The MAILeS Kenbu is the centerpiece of the new Kyoukai Senki (AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline) animated series.


This new Sunrise Beyond show takes place in the not-so-distant future of 2061 and focuses on the foreign occupation of a collapsing Japan. The MAILes Kenbu requires a human pilot for operation, unlike the AMAIMS used by foreign militaries that rely on remote piloting from a fixed location. Using an onboard pilot makes the MAILes Kenbu a much harder target, as most other pilots will try and find the pilot’s hiding spot before destroying the mech. The MAILeS Kenbu relies on an I-LeS combat artificial intelligence to work with the pilot and provide combat data. Each I-LeS carries a unique personality and name, increasing their synergy with the AMAIM pilots. MAILes Kenbu’s I-LeS is named Gai and is quite the fiery fellow. Gai makes the perfect partner for Amou Shiba, MAILes Kenbu’s pilot, and the pair become quite close during Kyoukai Senki’s first season.



  • 60mm Portable Autocannon
  • Super-Heated Vibrating Straight Sword
  • Unfinished State Shoulder (Right)
  • Unfinished State Shoulder (Left)
  • Shield with Short Blade



The build for this HG MAILeS Kenbu shares almost nothing in common with any HG Gundam model kit Bandai has produced in the last 20 years! This model uses no polycaps, providing a sturdy connection for its unique joint structure. Yuya Koyanagi designed the AMAIMS with a much more industrial and realistic appearance than other Mecha series. MAILeS Kenbu’s arms and legs share almost nothing in common with the human body and provide a much different range of motion. This design change provides limitless posing options and gives the HG MAILeS Kenbu a more dynamic appearance. With this model, builders can recreate MAILeS Kenbu’s unfinished appearance at the beginning of the series. Bandai provided entirely new shoulders to represent Kenbu’s lack of shoulder armor instead of having builders remove parts from the original shoulders!


Weapons and Other Notable Attributes

MAILeS Kenbu includes the same 60mm Autocannon used by the MAILeS Byakuchi. This weapon fires ballistic rounds, which will shred through all armor types in the Kyoukai Senki Universe. The only difference with Kenbu’s rifle is the standard magazine, containing significantly fewer rounds than Byakuchi’s drum magazine. The MAILeS Kenbu also sorties with a Super-Heated Vibrating Straight Sword for close combat engagements. As its name would imply, this weapon uses a scorching hot vibrating blade to slice clean through enemy AMAIMS. This model kit also includes the Shield with Short Blade used by MAILeS Kenbu in its first battle, so mix and match to create your perfect version of MAILeS Kenbu!


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