PIKO G Scale R3 Manual Switch Left 22.5D Track

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Unique track geometry makes even complex track plans simple to build with only a few different track sections. Compatible with most other brands of G-Scale track for unlimited expansion possibilities. Sturdy push-together rail joiners are factory-formed to fit tightly to the rail profile. Compact design, coordinated with the PIKO G-Track geometric system.



  • R3 Curve:
    • Radius = 920mm / 36.2"
    • Diameter = 1840mm / 72.4"
  • Each 35228 switch is 22.5° plus a PIKO #35214 (7.5° R5 Curve)
  • Each 35228 fits in the space of one G280 + G140 (280mm + 140mm) Straight Track
  • Built-In light spring mechanism holds rails where they are set, but allows trains to pass through against the points rails without derailing.  No separate machine or manual switch throw needed.  
  • Hidden jumper wires to ensure reliable long term electrical contact.
  • Easily convert any PIKO switch to remote operation by adding a PIKO 35271 switch machine and a switch controller
  • 100% Virgin Brass Rail
  • Code 332 (0.332” high) solid rail.
  • Ties are made of ultraviolet-stabilized HDPE
  • Made in Germany


For best results outdoors, use PIKO RailClamps.


Used with permission, copyright ©2023 PIKO America. Copyright ©2023 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works®



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