HG 1/72 Big Tony Gagumber Memempu Custom

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If adorable mining mechs are your thing, then look no further than Bandai’s new HG Big Tony!


This Big Blue Boy comes from the new series Sakugan, which takes place in the distant future, presumably on a Post-Disaster Earth. In this world, humanity resides underground, occupying large colonies separated by a vast network of dangerous caves and tunnels known as The Labyrinth. Humankind needed a way to cope with the Labyrinth’s ruthless nature, and thus, The Markers were born. The Markers fearlessly inspect, chart, and develop portions of this treacherous Labyrinth. To accomplish this, Markers utilize specialized bipedal mechs to work safely outside the colony doors. Big Tony likely began his life as a mass-production Marker, but after years of serving alongside Gagumber and his late partner Rufus, Big Tony has received countless modifications.


Included alongside the HG 1/72 Big Tony for accessories:

  • Forearm Grapple Replacement Part x2
  • Eye Shutter
  • Closed Drill Bit x2



Big Tony’s main gimmick is a transformation into Vehicle Mode, which grants him a considerable increase in mobility while navigating long stretches of the Labyrinth or running away from giant underground monsters called Kaiju. Bandai accomplished this transformation without needing additional parts or the removal of any significant components, making Big Tony a fully-transformable model kit! The joint structure of Big Tony is unique enough to provide even the most seasoned model builder a breath of fresh air. Big Tony’s clever engineering allows him to accomplish some awesome action poses, especially for his size. The 1/72 Big Tony is still a High Grade, as he does not feature any interior detail or pilot figures. The tank treads on his legs are purely decorative and will not roll along with Big Tony in Vehicle Mode.


Other Notable Attributes

Big Tony is missing any traditional weaponry seen in other Mecha Anime, as his purpose is to keep its pilots safe as they navigate the Labyrinth. Tony’s manipulators also serve as powerful drills to punch through the Labyrinth’s endless rock. The articulation of the manipulators inhibits the drillbit from closing as intended, so Bandai included an additional set of closed drillbits for your posing needs! Big Tony’s other tool is a set of grapple shots stored inside both forearms. Again, Bandai used a parts exchanging gimmick to replicate the deployed look of this equipment. You’ll find this model includes a wire for each grapple, so you can pose your Big Tony as he swings between rocks, just like in the anime!


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