Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft Boosters

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Toast to the Terrifying Bride!

“Our kin cheer this endless night like it’s some recompense, handed freely to every upstart with a ruffled shirt and a thirst. It is not &lsquoour turn.’ It’s mine.” - Olivia Voldaren

As an eternal night falls upon Innistrad, Olivia Voldaren prepares to marry and claim ultimate power over the vampire elite.

The decorations are ready, the vows have been written, and the humans cower in terror.

RSVP with your preferred entrée blood type, and let the wicked revelry begin!


Dress to Impress

A full guestlist of Innistrad’s vampire elite have arrived in their finest attire, and it’s going to be one wicked party.


Showcase Fang Frames

Collect Vampire cards with opulent alternate art, showcase frames, and a mean bite. Each showcase Vampire card in Crimson Vow is bordered by a frame of ornate columns and sharp, fang-inspired corners.

Showcase Fang Frame cards can be found in some Crimson Vow Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters.


Eternal Night Lands & Legends Return

With black and white alternate-art inspired by classic horror films - showcase Eternal Night cards are back in Innistrad: Crimson Vow.

Embrace the beauty of darkness with ten more Eternal Night Full-Art Basic Lands and a creepy collection of Eternal Night legendary cards.

One showcase Eternal Night Basic Land can be found in every Crimson Vow Draft, Set, and Collector Booster. The Eternal Night Land is a traditional foil in every Collector Booster and in 15% of Set Boosters.

Eternal Night legendary cards can also be found in some Draft, Set, and Collector Boosters.


Dracula Series Cards

Fight off the creatures of the night with the legendary vampire hunter, Abraham Van Helsing. Or fill the skies with a brood of vampire tokens under the command of the prince of darkness himself.

A collection of cards from Innistrad: Crimson Vow have been reimagined with alternate-art inspired by the world and characters of Bram Stoker’s Dracula - including a Count Dracula planeswalker card!

With every Crimson Vow Draft Booster Box, Set Booster Box, and Collector Booster Box, you’ll get one traditional foil box topper card from the Dracula Series.

Dracula Series cards also appear in Collector Boosters - with at least one Dracula Series card in every Crimson Vow Collector Booster, and the possibility of up to two more in foil.


Sinister Themes

  • Flaunt your power and play with Crimson Vow’s horror themes with the introduction of “Blood,” “Cleave,” and “Training.”
    • Blood: Create Blood tokens, then sacrifice them for a refreshing drink that triggers powerful abilities.
    • Cleave: Make your spells even more powerful by cleaving out the rules text in brackets that dares try to limit your ambitions.
    • Training: Become stronger by seeking out a challenge - whenever a creature with Training attacks a more powerful creature, their own power and toughness will grow with a +1/+1 counter.

Innistrad: Crimson Vow Draft Booster Contents

  • 1x Double- or Single-Faced Rare or Mythic Rare
  • 1x Double- or Single-Faced Uncommon
  • 1x Double-Faced Common
  • 2x Single-Faced Uncommon
  • 9x Single-Faced Common
  • 1x Eternal Night Full-Art Basic Land
  • 1x Helper card
  • 1x Token or Ad card


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