O-Scale Union Pacific Modern Tank Car

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The latest addition to the Menards freight car fleet is a modern unibody tank car.


Tank cars have a storied history in railroading carrying basic liquids for industry. Today’s cars carry everything from pressurized gases, molten sulfur, molasses, corn syrup, clay slurry, and petroleum products. The cars may be insulated, carry glass linings, or have pressurized systems depending on the cargo. Prototype railroad cars range in size 13,000-gallon or larger capacity. The cars in this series measure 10-1/2 inches long (tank measures 8-3/8" long) and have die-cast metal wheels and operating couplers. Why you need this: This design is brand new tooling, of one of the most modern designs to ride the rails. The car is designed to have a self-supporting tank, where older cars needed long steel supports or an under tank cradle. The car has truck-mounted body bolsters on both ends. The end platforms have cast-in crab irons and add-on metal handrails for crew safety. Each platform has two red and white Department of Transportation safety placards. There are metal rods with stanchions supporting the tank. These run between the trucks and connect with the tank. The car has access ladders curving up on both sides to the dome platforms. The dome has a man way hatch and tank nozzle between the twin platforms. Each platform has add-on metal safety rails. Sure, these cars look and run well, but biggest reason to add these O gauge cars to your fleet might be that they will be offered in a unique and colorful series. These cars will spotlight specific products, contemporary railroads, and even government service. Don’t forget that each car will have unique number, so you can build a complete tank train!



  • Modern style tank car made from brand new tooling
  • Each tank car is uniquely numbered - No two are alike!
  • Compatible with all 3-rail O gauge train tracks
  • Limited edition
  • Navigates O-27 curves
  • Metal wheels and operating couplers
  • For best results, lubricate all metal parts before running
  • 10-1/2"L x 2-3/8"W x 3-3/4"H


Picture used with permission, copyright ©2022 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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