HG Gundam Breaker Battalogue - Wing Gundam Sky Zero

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The Wing Gundam Sky Zero is a sleek and stylish redesign of the famous XXXG-0W00 Wing Gundam Zero!

The Sky Zero comes from Sunrise’s new Gundam Breaker Battlogue series of animated shorts and is finally available at Gundam Pros! This line incorporates the customization system found in the Gundam Breaker Mobile mobile game, which breaks down the Mobile Suits into five major components. The attachment points for these components are shared across the lineup, allowing builders to customize their HGGBB model kit with ease, just like in the game! The Wing Gundam Sky Zero trades some of its armor for even more speed and agility than its inspiration. The Wing Gundam Sky Zero’s new color scheme serves as a pseudo-camouflage for in-atmosphere engagements, and provides a unique take on a classic Gundam design!

Included alongside the Wing Gundam Sky Zero for accessories:

  • Twin Buster Rifle
  • Beam Saber x2
  • Shield


The Wing Gundam Sky Zero may be tiny but brings any collection to life thanks to its bright coloring and intimidating proportions! Bandai managed to cram tons of excellent gimmicks and articulation into the Wing Gundam Sky Zero’s tiny frame! This model features double-jointed limbs and Master Grade style shoulders, providing a dynamic look in any pose! The thruster binders both feature two articulated panels, which, when unfurled, reveal some sweet internal detail. The Wing Gundam Sky Zero features a semi-complete transformation into Neo-Bird mode, just requiring a few additional parts to complete the Mode Change aside from what’s already attached to the Gundam.

Weapons and Other Notable Attributes

The Wing Gundam Sky Zero’s Twin Buster Rifle is a devastating weapon capable of eviscerating multiple Mobile Suits in one blast. The Twin Buster Rifle also functions as two separate weapons and is configured this way in Neo-Bird Mode. The Shield features an extending tip, sometimes used as a piledriver to attack enemy Mobile Suits at close range. For more standard close-quarters engagements, the Wing Gundam Sky Zero features a pair of Beam Sabers.

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