HO Flexible Self-Adhesive Paved Roadway -- Vintage and Modern Curves

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Pave HO Scale roads, streets and highways quickly and easily with Walthers SceneMaster Flexible Self-Adhesive Paved Roadway sets!

Made from a unique flexible material thats self-adhesive, simply combine straight sections, and curves, or cut to fit and press in place. Each features a realistic surface color, as well as appropriately colored centerlines and "fog lines" along the outside edge of the pavement for modern or vintage paved roadways. 

  • Model North American roads in minutes
  • Realistic surface color with correct striping for US roads in various eras
  • Ready to use, self adhesive and flexible - easy to add to new or existing scenery
  • Mix and match with curved sections 

Combine this set of SceneMaster curves with straight sections (each sold separately) to simplify roadway installations in new or vintage scenes. Features solid double yellow centerlines to indicate no passing zone, and solid white edge markings. Easily cut to various sizes. Measures 3-1/8 wide with 9" outside diameter, 80 x 230mm.

Used with permission, Copyright 2018 Wm. K. Walthers, Inc. Copyright 2018 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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