MonoKote Jet White 6

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MonoKote is a Patented, Flexible High-Gloss Polyester Film that is Inexpensive, Easy, Clean, and When Compared to "old fashioned" Coverings, Quick To Use. 

For great covering ideas and to insure a professional finish order the MonoKote Covering Instructional DVD, TOPZ0105.


  • Super Strong with a Tensile Strength of 25,000 psi (pounds/sq in)
  • Lightweight at Only .2 oz/sq ft
  • Dry Adhesive is Activated When Heat is Applied
  • Shrinks to a Drum-Tight Finish As It Cools
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Fuelproof and Waterproof
  • Stronger and Lighter Than Traditional Silk and Dope Coverings
  • May be Cleaned with Glass Cleaner, "409" or MonoKote Cleaner/Polish


  • One (6 x 26") Roll of Jet White Covering
  • One Instruction Sheet


Sealing Iron, Heat Gun, Iron Sock


  • Paints, Trim Sheets, EconoKote and Different Lots of MonoKote May Vary Slightly In Color Between Production Runs of These Products.
  • If Using Three or More Rolls of the Same Color, it is Suggested to Use a 25 Roll to Ensure the Same Dye Lot for the Entire Model Being Covered.
  • LustreKote Primer Must Be Used With LustreKote Paint to Bring Out Its True Color.
  • MonoKote is a High Temperature Covering, NOT For Use Directly On Foam
  • EconoKote IS For Use Directly On Foam
  • (EconoKote may be used on top of, but not under MonoKote.)

Temperature Ranges:

  • Attaching to Wood: 215 - 240F (activating the glue)
  • Partial Shrinkage: 230 - 270F
  • Maximum Shrinkage: 270 - 350F

Used with permission, copyright 2017 Tower Hobbies, Inc. Copyright 2017 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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