Red Sable Brush Set 10/0-5/0-0 (3)

By:atlas brush company
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This is a 3-piece Red Sable Brush Set from Atlas Brush Co., Inc.

FEATURES: Round Sable Brushes

INCLUDES: 3 Round Brushes, sizes 10/0, 5/0, and 0, for Artists, Hobbyists, Ceramics, Etc.


  • Can be used in all kinds of paint water, oil, enamels, varnish lacquer, bronzes etc.
  • After using in water colors, simply clean with soap and warm water and shape to a point
  • If used in paints other than water color, clean brush with thinner and wash out thinner with warm water and soap and shape.
  • Allow brush to dry thoroughly before reusing in anything except water color

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