PineCar Rocket Car Chassis Weight

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This is a Rocket Car Chassis Weight from PineCar.


  • Increases car speed...the heavier your racer, the faster it goes!
  • Incremental weights allow racer weight adjustment, even on race day!
  • Can be modified to fit any racer!
  • Expertly replicate the underbody of real cars!
  • Instructions provided on package.

INCLUDES: (1) Chassis Weight


  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver 

SPECIFICATIONS: Approx. Weight: 2.25oz


  • Check your local rules for maximum racer weight (usually 5oz) and minimum clearance (usually 3/8" from racer bottom to track).
  • Adult supervision is recommended when modifying weight.
  • You will need one of the metal-cutting blades from the Racer Shaping Tools if you are modifying the chassis to fit your racer
  • All PineCar, PinePro, and Revell wood blocks and accessories are legal for your Official BSA Pinewood Derby race - except the Show Wheels and Titanium Axles. In a sanctioned race all contestants must use the same wheels and axles.

Used with permission, Copyright 2017 Revell-Monogram. Copyright 2017 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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