PineCar Hob-E-Lube Dry Graphite Lubricant

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Skill Level:Beginner

Hob-E-Lube Graphite is Speed Equipment by PineCar.


  • Its the ultimate lubricant for the fastest car on the track!
  • A fine, specially ground lubricant with Molybdenum.
  • Safe on all surfaces (metal, plastic, wood, rubber, etc.).
  • Ideal for PineCar racers, R/C models, model railroads, toys, reels, tools, etc..
  • Easy to use "puffer" tube.
  • Doesnt gum.
  • Instructions provided on package.

INCLUDES: One Tube of Hob-E-Lube

SPECS:    Net Weight:  .23oz


  • Be sure to check your local race rules for lubricant specifications.
  • All PineCar, PinePro, and Revell wood blocks and accessories are legal for your Official BSA Pinewood Derby race - except the Show Wheels and Titanium Axles. In a sanctioned race all contestants must use the same wheels and axles.

Used with permission, copyright 2016 Revell-Monogram/Tower Hobbies, Inc. Copyright 2016 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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