Pinewood Derby Phantom Transfer Decals & Custom Casted Parts

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This Package Contains One Sheet of PineCar Dry Transfer Decals (Phantom) and Custom Casted Parts for Your Derby Racer.

  • These dry transfer decals are the fastest and easiest way to customize your car.
  • High quality rub-on decals that can be rubbed around contours an over textures, unlike stick-on decals. Applies in seconds to any clean surface without the mess and bother of wet process decals.
  • Theres no clear film around the edges of the decals.
  • Colorful stripes, flames, and authentic flags.
  • For maximum durability and a glossy finish, you may apply a ligh coat of gloss clear spray (not included)..
  • Stripes can be cut shorter or transferred end to end for longe stripes.
  • Instructions on package.
  • 99.9% lead free on casted parts.
  • Metal casted exhaust cap (1), side vents (2), center fin (1).
  • Paintable.

Decal Sheet Size: 2-1/2" x 2"


One Package of Custom Parts and Decals (Phantom)

Requirements & Suggestions
  • Burnisher or Dull Pencil
  • Hobby File or Sandpaper
  • PineCar Formula Glue or CA Glue

Used with permission, Copyright 2020 PineCar/Woodland Scenics. Copyright 2020 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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