Konflikt 1947: Resurgence

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The first supplement for the Konflikt ཫ Weird World War II wargames rules, this volume presents a range of new material for the game, including:

  • New army list: The Japanese make their presence known on the battlefields of Konflikt ཫ.
  • New units: Options for troops and technology that can be added to the armies presented in the rulebook.
  • Special characters: Field the best of the best, elite men and women who may singlehandedly be the crucial element between victory and defeat.
  • New background: The history of the world of Konflikt ཫ is detailed in more depth.
  • New rules: All-new means of waging war, including material previously published online.


Used with permission, copyright ©2023 Osprey Publishing. Copyright ©2023 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.



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