Arches National Park Firey Furnace Puzzle (1000 pc)

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Vivid orange, brown and red fill the foreground of the puzzle image before you. This is a nice contrast to the delicate sky we see on this beautiful summer’s eve. The green vegetation adds a touch of life and delicate quality to the park. Though nothing tops a first-hand sight to the fiery furnace, we promise that this puzzle is a close second.

In order to enter fiery furnace, one must have an escort of a ranger or have a special individual permit. Tickets are scarce to come across. A wise vacation planner will make reservations well in advance! Named after the red hue of the formation, it is located in Utah. This puzzle’s vibrant red colors are guaranteed to warm the homesick hearts.

The packaging:

National Park Puzzles product does not contain copious amounts of dust from manufacturing like other puzzles do, the process rarely leaves behind a single speck. Each box comes with a reference poster, and the pieces are sealed in a plastic bag. This puzzle is printed with a matte finish to prevent glare while assembling. National Park Puzzles piece replacement program ensures that should you receive one of the rare 999 piece puzzles, you're covered!. All puzzles are guaranteed to have the highest quality of color ink to ensure a true to life image for your new puzzle, worthy of framing, and hanging in your living room.

Skill Level:  Moderate

This is a 1000 piece puzzle, 11 × 9 × 2 in.

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