Glacier National Park Lake McDonald Rainbow Rocks

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Lake McDonald's rainbow rocks are often photographed from the shore of Lake McDonald at Apgar Village on the far end of the lake.

Shades of purple, green, orange, and brown are the main focus of this puzzle. A perfect mirror image of the rocks invokes curiosity, wonder, calm, relaxation, tranquility and an overall piqued interest, while slowly driving you up the wall as you try to discern up from down as you work on this one of a kind puzzle (and maybe some perspective into the life of a Glacier National Park fish)! The choice is yours whether to finish and frame this beauty, or flip your puzzle table over for a different perspective! Point being it is an awesome puzzle, sure to provide you hours of entertainment, and a few new grey hairs!

The Largest lake in Glacier National Park, Lake McDonald is located in Northwestern Montana. It is 472 feet deep. That's deep enough to hold the length of almost three Olympic sized pools! For wondorus sights to see, visit Apgar Village and gaze at the wonderful rainbow-colored lake rocks. But remember, take only photos, removing these rocks from lake and park is a CRIME! Leave the scene intact for the future generations! Fun Fact: the image used was captureed using a Go-Pro underwater to show a mirror reflection of the rainbow rocks!

The packaging:

National Park Puzzles product does not contain copious amounts of dust from manufacturing like other puzzles do, the process rarely leaves behind a single speck. Each box comes with a reference poster, and the pieces are sealed in a plastic bag. This puzzle is printed with a matte finish to prevent glare while assembling. National Park Puzzles piece replacement program ensures that should you recieve the rare 999 piece puzzles, you're covered! All Puzzles are guranteed to have the highest quality of color ink to ensure a a true to life image for your new puzzle, worthy of framing, and hanging in your living,

Skill Level: Challenging

This is 1000 piece puzzle, 11 x 9 x 2 in.

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