Marker - Art Masking Liquid Pen 4mm

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The Molotow GRAFX Art Masking Liquid Pen is a very handy tool to have when working on blackbooks, sketching and fine art. 

How is works is that this marker has a special ink that acts as a masking liquid when layered with other markers. For example, youre going a piece in your blackbook. The fill you want to do is super detailed, but you want highlights that are nice and clean and dont interfere with your fill. Using the Molotow Masking Pen, you draw in the details you want to stay keep clean. You would then proceed to color the piece like you normally would, while marking over the masking liquid. Once everything has a chance to dry, you can then run the masking fluid away to reveal the original page color underneath. Awesome! The Molotow Masking pen is designed to work with the Molotow GRAFX Aqua marker system but it can also work with alcohol based permanent inks such as the Molotow Masterpiece Markers.

Used with permission, copyright 2017 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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