Mission Dark Rust 1 1oz

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Dark Rust 1

1oz water based Acrylic

See the full FAQ/Tips and Tricks here.

Note: Mission Model Paints do NOT work with other thinners. This includes Tamiya, Gunze, Vallejo, Future Floor Wax etc.


1.  MMP paints work best in 60-80 degree temps. Storage should also be maintained between 60-80 degrees. Do not store paint in locations that are subject to wide temperature changes. Improper storage will damage the paint.

2.  MMP has shot paint in 105 degree weather and 90% humidity with no issues. If you are spraying in these extreme temps add a little poly to your paint for good measure.

3. Cold weather. MMP has sprayed in all climates. Yes the paint will spray in extreme cold but it is not recommended. Long term cold conditions 50 degrees and under could result in possible airbrush clogging and other difficulties. Yes it will work and yes you may run into issues. If you must spray in extreme cold keep the paint warm along with the Thinner and Poly before spraying in the cold.

4.  MMP has found that even if your paint is warm but the thinner or poly is ice cold when you add the cold thinner to to the warm paint you may find issues by shocking the paint with a cold thinner. Points 3 and 4 are in reference to extreme cold situations.

5.  Depending on your location and temperature you may have to adjust your ratios by a few drops here and there. Dont be afraid to adjust the ratios to suit your needs. 


Always prime your model! Paint always sticks best to primer. Primer offers bite for the paint. The paint will not adhere properly to bare plastic. Painting on bare plastic and expecting it to proper adhere is like painting on glass.

Warnings:  www.P65warnings.co.gov

Used with permission, Copyright 2021 Mission Models USA. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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