Mission Clear Coat Gloss

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Gloss Clear Coat

1oz water based acrylic

See the full FAQ/Tips and Tricks here.

Mission Models Clear Coats are very easy to use. Mix them as you would with standard MMP paints.  

  • Thinning Example: 20 drops Gloss Clear 3 drops thinner NO POLY NEEDED
  • We recommend light wet coats at 10-15 PSI. 
  • Nice even passes building up your finish in layers. 
  • Allow to dry at least 3 hours before masking etc. We prefer to allow the clears to dry over night. 
  • Mission Models Clear coats will accept all decal setting solutions. 
  • Clears are chemical resistant. 
  • Do not allow clear coats to freeze

DIPPING CLEAR PARTS:  Mission Models Gloss can be thinned for dipping clear parts.   

  • Add 10 drops to an epoxy mixing cup.
  • Dilute the 10 drops with Mission Models thinner until the clear looks slightly cloudy. The mixture should be watery thin with just a slightly cloudy look to it. 
  • Dip the canopy and wick off any excess and soak up excess from the edges with a cotton swab.
  • Next: let dry on a paper towel and allow to dry.
  • We prefer a full cure and safe cure time of 6 hours before masking over a canopy. Floor wax is now a thing of the past. 

Always be sure to close the lid on the clear coat bottle when not in use. 

Cleaning.  Be sure to clean your airbrush 100% after shooting clears. Mission Models Thinner is the preferred method for cleaning. 


A: Use Mission Models Clear Coat. Our Flat, Satin and Gloss are a special formula unlike any other clear available. They are extremely durable. Dry in 30min and can be masked over in 30. They accept all setting solutions. Please be sure the clears are dry before application of setting solutions. Our clear coats are chemically resistant and very durable.

B:  All clears will work over MMP paint. Yes, Tamiya Synthetic Lacquer spray, Gunze, Testors Lacquer, Alclad and more. 

C: Clear Part dipping.  Thin Mission Gloss Coat in an epoxy mixing cup with Mission Models thinner only. Thin to a water like consistency. You will notice a light cloudy white tint to the mix which is not a problem. Dip your clear parts for a crystal clear protective coat. Wick off extra with a Q-Tip and place on paper town and let dry. 

D: How to Apply Gloss Clear.  The process for applying MMP Gloss Clear is very easy. We like to add just a couple drops of thinner ( MMA-002 or MMA-003 ) to the clear. You may add poly but it is not needed.  We prefer to spray in light wet thin passes. Building up layer by layer until a proper smooth finish is achieved. Please allow to dry thoroughly before polishing or wet sanding.  Applying gloss clear regardless of brand is one of the most difficult techniques.   

E: Flat Coat.   Flat coat by nature must be dusted on in light coats. When applied in heavy coats flat can become semi gloss. This is true for any flat coat. Again light dusted coats, allow to dry and then apply next dusting if needed.  If you end up with a semi or egg shell finish please refine your technique. It is NOT the flat coat. It is about refining your application style and taking your time. 

F: Please be advised that Mission Models can not be held responsible for improper use or improper application of 3rd party chemicals.  We do not support them and can not speak for other manufactures chemical make up. 

Used with permission, Copyright 2021 Mission Models USA. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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