Master Box 1/24 Edge of the Universe Ep. I - Sheriff Drag and Joker

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"Keep moving, nothing to see here. Everything is under control..."

Drag - Head of Galactic Service (ALMAR Space Station)

Drag serves as the Sheriff on board the ALMAR Space Station. Although outstanding in his field, his tendencies to buck the system landed him here at this intermediate space station on the edge of space that serves as a shelter/way point for refueling and repairs of spaceships doing long distance flights into deep space. Although the crew of commercial vessels (both merchants and pirates) keep him busy, there are never any problems he cant handle and he has had it pretty easy. Until one not so wonderful day at the bar. Anton and Robie (his robot), Jacqueline, and that Strange Couple from the underdeveloped territories appeared at the bar and things have never been the same.

Joker - Owner and Barman

Joker, a creature from the planet "Ug". He has several several names including his family one that humans cant seem to pronounce. The inhabitants of the station call him either Multi-Armed Joe or the Joker, because of the surprising resemblance he has to this card character. He works part-time as an informer for Drag. He is very sociable, very restless and incredibly mobile. He has a small jet pack which allows him to serve the clients with unprecedented speed, flying around obstacles in the close confines of his establishment with the agility of a fly. He knows everything about everyone and can get absolutely everything (for a price). But even he could not imagine that the meeting between Jacqueline and that Strange Couple, in his bar would lead to such catastrophic consequences that his whole previously, orderly and quiet life would be so upset. His precious bar would be destroyed during a fight between the Government Special Forces and that random group of visitors. He is now on the run persecuted by the Government and every bounty hunter out in space.

This kit includes parts for two fixed position figures. Assembly and painting required.

This kit is part of Master Boxs "At the Edge of the Universe, Strange Companys Adventures", series, featured in "Episode I, The First Meeting" seven kit set. This set features MTB24031, MTB24033, MTB24034, MTB24035, MTB24052, MTB24054, and MTB24055. Modellers can decide how to combine any or all of these kits together!

Used with permission, copyright 2021 Master Box, Ltd. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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