Master Box 1/24 Edge of the Universe Ep. I - Jacqueline the Grifter

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Jacqueline is unbelievably beautiful, a master of the art of seduction.

Her allure and sense of danger attracts male and female adventurers alike. She is an expert with all firearms and she demonstrates her art on occasion, winning a bet easily and allowing her to keep undesirable boyfriends at a distance. Jacqueline uses both her feminine charms and her specific knowledge in the field of psychotropic chemicals to gather information that is useful to her. She acquires secrets easily and the sells them for a profit to her other customers. However, this time, Jacqueline could not even imagine that the theft of the chemical formula from a government official, would lead her into a confrontation with the most powerful, most dangerous and most ruthless organization in the whole Mastered Space. This particular Special Division of the Galactic Security Service does not take kindly to people meddling in their affairs.

This kit includes the parts for one figure in a fixed seated position, a bar stool and a bar counter. Assembly and painting required.

This kit is part of Master Boxs "At the Edge of the Universe, Strange Companys Adventures", series, featured in "Episode I, The First Meeting" seven kit set. This set features MTB24031, MTB24033, MTB24034, MTB24035, MTB24052, MTB24054, and MTB24055. Modellers can decide how to combine any or all of these kits together!

Used with permission, copyright 2021 Master Box, Ltd. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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