Master Box 1/24 Medusa Figure

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In her youth, Medusa was not the terrible monster the world remembers her as.

She was born a beautiful sea maiden in the marine deity family of Phorcus and Ceto. She was the youngest of three sisters and their only mortal daughter. She was to live a life of celibacy. Poseidon was fascinated by Medusas beauty and from that moment on, tragedy began. Blinded by his passion for Medusa, Poseidon set out to show everyone the power of his love for her. She married him and Athena, unable to punish Poseidon, punished Medusa instead. Athena directed all her anger at the poor girl by turning her beautiful hair into snakes, skin into scales, and gave her a horrible gift which turned any living being that met her gaze into stone.

Suffering from her new appearance and gift, Medusa, now moved away to hide on a distant lost island. There she lived for many years and tried not to harm anyone. After many years of isolation, she turned into a character worthy of her outer appearance, and she began to wander the earth.

From Master Boxs Ancient Greek Myths series, this 1/24 plastic model of the mythological Medusa features incredible detail including scale texture in her skin and the many snakes in her hair. Perfect for fantasy dioramas!

Glue and paint required for assembly.

Used with permission, copyright 2021 Master Box, Ltd. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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