Safety Goggles

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Fitting Instructions

Place the Goggles on the head . Tighten the strap by pulling evenly on each end until the goggles are comfortably snug. The goggles are properly fitted when you can shake your head back and forth vigorously and the goggles do not slip or move.

Please Note

The Goggles should fit most children and adults, but may not fit everyone. Parents should help their children fit the goggles properly, following the directions above, the first time they put them on. Always wear the goggles with proper fit. These goggles are not for use with real firearms, paint-ball guns, air-soft systems, or any other projectile shooters. Not for laboratory use. Please use caution, be safe and have fun!

Used with permission, copyright 2016 Magnum Enterprises, LLC. Copyright 2016 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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