Dr. Who Fluxx

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Doctor Who Fluxx takes Fluxx through Time And Relative Dimension In Space.

Join with various regenerations of the Doctor, some companions, Gallifreyan tech, and K-9 (but beware of Cybermen, Daleks, Weeping Angels, and the Master) and play the most ever-changingest, timey-wimey version of Fluxx ever created. Doctor Who Fluxx: youll play it time after time after time after time...

Game Play

It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, play one card. You start with a hand of three cards, add the card you drew to your hand, and then choose one card to play, following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, played, or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn.

  • Players:    2-6
  • Playtime:    5-30
  • Ages:    8-Adult
BBC, DOCTOR WHO (word marks, logos and devices), TARDIS, DALEKS, CYBERMAN and K-9 (word marks and devices) are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation and are used under licence. BBC logo BBC 1996. Doctor Who logo BBC 1996. Dalek image BBC/ Terry Nation 1963. Cyberman image BBC/Kit Pedler/Gerry Davis 1966. K-9 image BBC/Bob Baker/Dave Martin 1977.

Used with permission, copyright 2021 Looney Labs. Copyright 2021 Brey Corp. t/a Hobby Works.

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